Blogtober // How I Create Autumnal Book Photos

Blogtober // How I Create Autumnal Book Photos

Hi guys!
Today’s post is something a bit different but definitely something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. I often get asked about my bookstagram photos, how I edit them, the way I shoot them etc, so I thought I’d do the best I could to talk through my process. Photography, especially fine art portraiture, has been a huge passion of mine for ten years now and I’ve done photography professionally for over half of that time (shooting weddings, model look books, album covers and general portraits) so I at least hope that I’m able to share a few good tips at this point! If anyone’s interested, my old Flickr account hasn’t been updated for years but it’s still there if you want to take a look!

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Stranger Series


Not a lot of people know this but Becky and I actually met many years ago on the photography site, Flickr. She was hosting a print giveaway, I entered and was one of the winners. I had to contact her with my postal address and the rest is history, and a lot of Facebook messages. Despite Becky being an actual photographer, I have dabbled in it for a few years and in those years, I have photographed a lot of strangers. I’m not a natural in front of the camera and my social anxiety doesn’t mix with asking people to pose in photographs with me so sometimes I just find strangers who are in the perfect place at the right time and take a snap.
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TBT Travel Diaries: Travelling the South coast of Iceland

TBT Travel Diaries: Travelling the South coast of Iceland

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Iceland twice now, and I have to say it’s magic never gets tiring. Despite Iceland being an island with a small population and unforgiving weather conditions, it’s becoming a more and more popular travel location, and it isn’t hard to see why!
(P.S. this is a very photo-heavy post!)

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I decided to do something a bit different today and experiment with more styles of blogging – incorporating some lifestyle and photography into our posts. Below will be some shots of my typical day.

My family finally invested in a record player so the first thing I did was buy a Mumford and Sons vinyl off Amazon. I haven’t listened to their music in a while but I am happy I remember all the lyrics and could happily dance around the living room. If you’re considering buying this vinyl, I’d definitely recommend it. It has the cutest packaging and lyrics on the inside! The record player is from Urban Outfitters.

IMG_9005.JPGA cup of tea is always an essential in the mornings along with starting my current read. At the moment I’m rereading one of my all time favourites – The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel! A random fact about me is that I have three sugars in my tea but at one point, I had up to five! What are you guys currently reading?

1.jpgIMG_9014.jpgIf the weather permits (haha) I try and do some reading outside. Despite it being August, today we’ve had a mixture of cloud, rain and sun so my time outside didn’t last long. That included with my two dogs who enjoy putting their toys on my lap whilst I’m trying to read. I wouldn’t recommend this technique. 0/10.

IMG_8995.jpgI am also in the middle of reading The Alice Network by Kate Quinn which I was sent for review and The Humans by Matt Haig which I found at a charity shop. Also, being a co-owner of a Bookish Candle shop requires me to test a lot of candles throughout the day. Who needs perfume when you work with essential oils?

IMG_9021.jpgFinally I catch up on the blog, be that writing up blog posts or blog-hopping which I’ve been doing a lot lately. I’ve been getting so much inspiration from other book bloggers and I’m really in the blogging mood lately after quite a long slump. If you have a book blog, make sure to link yours in the comments below!


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