December 10th 2017 // Snow Day


So this morning my mother woke me up, gesturing excitedly to the snowfall going on outside my bedroom window. Despite now being in my 20s, I went into full kid mode as I went running downstairs and out into it with my two dogs (after convincing my siberian husky to get out of bed.) After that, the day seemed perfect to tackle our Christmas decorations and wrapping whilst listening to Christmas songs and watching the snow fall. Today was a good day and I wanted to remember and share it with you guys so here are some shots I took. If you want to know where I sourced any of the decorations, then let me know in the comments and I’ll point you in the right direction.  Continue reading “December 10th 2017 // Snow Day”

Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part I

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of blog-browsing – both of the book, lifestyle and interior variety. It’s nothing short of inspirational to see all of these people out there making the effort to share their words and photos with us. I’ve followed a lot more blogs, Instagram feeds and Twitters this week and I’ve decided to periodically list some bloggers that have really stood out for me. Go and show them some support as we all know how hard blogging can be and I hope you find a new favourite to browse through this winter!  Continue reading “Bloggers I’m Currently Loving Part I”