#Blogoween // Halloween Reads (that aren’t classic horror)


For this post, we are looking at some Halloween reads that aren’t classic horror. Instead of thinking Dracula and Frankenstein (but still go and read those), we’ve chosen some books that are quietly creepy, that are atmospheric and have aspects of darkness and fear in them. Does that sound fun? Yep. We hope you find something you like and feel free to answer the question we’ve left at the end. Continue reading “#Blogoween // Halloween Reads (that aren’t classic horror)”

#Blogoween // Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

#Blogoween // Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

So we’ve seen a few #Blogoween posts floating about on twitter, and have decided to do our best to take part! More info on Blogoween here.

To start off with, the lovely Lauren tagged us to have a go at the Halloween creatures tag, so here’s our take on it! This tag was created by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward.
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