Travel Diary // Lanzarote

Travel Diary // Lanzarote

Hi guys!

So whilst scrolling through the blog I realised I haven’t done a travel post in a while. With me getting a serious case of wanderlust and my next trip not being for a few months, I decided to do a little diary of my trip to Lanzarote last August.

This was definitely more of a relaxing by the pool trip than I’d usually do, but after a very busy and stressful first half of 2018 it was what I needed! I also went on this trip with my mum, stepdad, brother and stepbrother, as well as Jordan, so it was a lovely big family holiday.

Of course, I still did a lot of exploring whilst on this beautiful island. As always, this post is very photo heavy!

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Travel Diary // Machu Picchu

Travel Diary // Machu Picchu

Two hours by coach along a mountain pass. Sitting outdoors at a cafe by an offshoot of the Urubamba river. A shaky, late night train journey. Running through an empty marketplace in the dark and down the railway tracks. A tour briefing, tickets handed over. One short night in a hotel with water on one side and rails on the other. A 4am start, queueing down the high street of a small town in the dark with hundreds of other foreigners to the land. Boarding the third bus to arrive, sitting separately and crammed in with tourists holding their breath. A 20 minute ride up, 400 metres higher above the sea, round hairpin bends as the light slowly started to emerge behind the mountains. At the top, through the gates, down a stone path seen so many times on screens, awaiting the view you know lies at the end of it.

This was our journey to Machu Picchu.

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Travel Diary // Sacred Valley, Peru

Travel Diary // Sacred Valley, Peru

Pisac, Cusco Region, Peru

So at the beginning of June, my husband and I set off on a very long journey to the Southern Highlands of Peru; specifically the city of Cusco, with plans to visit Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu from there. I’ve wanted to visit Peru for as long as I can remember so this was a huge deal for me! This will be a very photo-heavy post but I’ll talk about what we did in between shots.
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Travel Diary // Vienna, Austria

Travel Diary // Vienna, Austria

After spending a couple of days in Salzburg, we took the Westbahn over to Vienna. I have to say, although the two cities are only two and a half hours away from each other, they are completely different. Salzburg’s traditional Austrian countryside charm was far behind us and, as obvious as it sounds, we were very aware that we were in a bustling European capital city. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we preferred Salzburg, but Vienna certainly had it’s charms – some of our highlights were St. Stephens Cathedral and the Natural History Museum.

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TBT Travel Diaries // Prague

TBT Travel Diaries // Prague

Hi guys!

So we’re back with another travel diary – this time I’ve dug back a little bit and put together a post about my trip to Prague. I’d wanted to visit Prague for so many years before I took a trip there, and I have to admit, that’s partly because of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I spent five days in this beautiful city in September and I could’ve spent days wandering around it’s winding streets!

As always with our travel diaries, this post is very image heavy – but I’d definitely say you can’t have too many photos of Prague in one place 🙂







Of course, my first stop in Prague was Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock. This is the typical postcard Prague and the historical centre of the city – it’s walled in by baroque buildings on all sides, with the gothic Týn church just behind. There’s also the famous Astronomical clock, which draws huge crowds, so if you’re planning on visiting it I’d definitely recommend going earlier in the morning as we did so you can actually see it without being surrounded by walking tours!




Our next stop was the Jewish Quarter. With what was then Czechoslovakia bordering Germany and the Nazi occupation of the country during WWII, the Jewish Quarter of Prague is a very prominent and poignant section of the city. The majority of the buildings and memorials understandably didn’t allow photographs out of respect, so here are the few photos I did take – one from the outside of the main building of the museum (the Jewish museum is made up of multiple memorials and synagogues dotted around the Jewish quarter, and you can follow the path round to visit most of them) and some inside the Spanish Synagogue. I’d definitely recommend visiting the Jewish museum if you take a trip to Prague, even if you’re not a big museum/history person like I am – it was incredibly emotional, still relevant to this day, and I did tear up more than once; especially in the memorial where the names of the Czech Jewish victims of the Nazis cover the walls, and the exhibition of children’s drawings from inside Prague’s Jewish ghetto.

















What do you think of Prague?

Lots of love,



TBT Travel Diaries: Travelling the South coast of Iceland

TBT Travel Diaries: Travelling the South coast of Iceland

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Iceland twice now, and I have to say it’s magic never gets tiring. Despite Iceland being an island with a small population and unforgiving weather conditions, it’s becoming a more and more popular travel location, and it isn’t hard to see why!
(P.S. this is a very photo-heavy post!)

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TBT Travel Diaries // Cuba: Santa Clara to Havana

TBT Travel Diaries // Cuba: Santa Clara to Havana

So if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably seen that I went on the trip of a lifetime last July. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks travelling up the north coast of Cuba, and since I never wrote a full blog post about it, I thought it was about time I shared what I did there (plus a lot of photos from my trip!)

Caibarien, Villa Clara Province

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