Blogtober // 2019: The Year of the (Fictional) Witch Part II

Blogtober // 2019: The Year of the (Fictional) Witch Part II

Near the start of the year, I put together a list of witchy upcoming releases that were high on my TBR. I really loved putting this list together, so decided to do a second part! View part one here.

Some of these books are already released and a couple were actually released closer to the beginning of the year – however, I wanted to include them since I wasn’t aware of them when I wrote part I!

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Blogtober // Favourite Villains Part II


We love a good villain. A few years back when our blog had a completely different look, we picked five of our favourite villains – so for today’s Blogtober post, we thought it’d be interesting to look at some more favourite villains/anti heroes and see if there’s any we’re still rooting for after all this time!
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