#GRIFFSKITHON|Spending a Month Reading Sarah Maria Griffin’s Work

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#Griffskithon | Join us for a Sarah Maria Griffin Reading Month

Hi guys!
So if you know me, you know I (along with part of our little bookish coven) 
love the work of Sarah Maria Griffin. After having a chat about how we need to re-read all of Sarah’s books, Beth came up with the idea of having a Griff readathon, and so after Lauren and I decided this was an amazing idea and wanted to join in, #Griffskithon was born.

We’re aware that some of you may have already planned your May TBRs or might be taking part in other readathons, so we’ve made ours super flexible so you can join in even if you don’t want to read a full novel.
We all truly enjoy Sarah’s writing as it brings us comfort or joy, hopefully you’ll join us too!

#Griffskithon Schedule

This is the perfect time for new and existing fans to dive into anything that Griff has written, yes, anything.

1st – 7th: Read Other Words for Smoke

8th: Twitter Chat for Other Words For Smoke with @becbentliff, @iambookmad and @northernplunder. Time TBC on our social media channels! 

9th – 14th: Bonus Reading: We’ve compiled a list of resources of Sarah’s other work. This includes podcasts, essays, poetry, and more. 

15th – 21st: Read Spare and Found Parts

22nd: Twitter Chat for Spare and Found Parts with @becbentliff, @iambookmad and @northernplunder. Time TBC on our social media channels! 

23rd – 29th: Bonus Reading: We’ve compiled a list of resources of Sarah’s other work. This includes podcasts, essays, poetry, and more.

30th: Share your collection or wrap up posts.

31st: Share and support: A day dedicated to sharing the content you’ve created for #GRIFFSKITHON. RT, comment, and like on participants posts.

Beth will be hosting reading sprints on her twitter, so keep an eye there. Follow along with all things readathon related at #Griffskithon.


Bonus Reading Resources
What can I say? We’ve been busy and we’ve been consuming. Is this excessive? Maybe but at least you have a large choice of what to read, listen, or watch!

No Write Way with V E Schwab (2020)
Girl Offline (The Gloss)
Juvenalia Podcast (2016+)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons – the video game… (2020, The Guardian)
Learning Storytelling from Video Games (2020, Tor)
Against Everyone with Conner Habib, episode 93 (2019)
A look at Tomorrowland: The Book of Wisdom from Bec
You’re Booked, Episode 22 (2019)
Circle of Friends LIVE with Sarah Maria Griffin (2019)
Reading, Writing and Finding Your Voice (2019)
The Best Indie Games (2019)
Nuala O’Connor in conversation with Sarah Maria Griffin (2018)
Julian Gough in conversation with Sarah Maria Griffin (2018)
The Irish Times Women’s Podcast, Episode 132 (2017)
America whispers, “Leave,” and I understand (2017, The Irish Times)
Stoneface Films Podcast, S04 E01 (2017)
HODCast, Episode 20 (2016)
The WGM Podcast, Episode 29 (2016)
We Face This Land / Collaborative Video (poem, 2016)
A Story About You: The Narrative of Video Games (2016, Tor)
Epic Author Facts: Sarah Maria Griffin (2016)
Dublin InQuirer articles (2015-2016)

Rogue Collective (2020+)
wordfury zines & workbooks (2019+)
Repeal the 8th (ed. Una Mullally) featuring “We Face This Land” (2018)
Not Lost: A Story About Leaving Home (memoir, 2013)
Follies (poetry collection, 2010)

Photo Prompts
For both of the main books we’ve generated some prompts or ideas to help inspire your photo sessions. You’re only required to do one for each book, but can do more if you want.

Other Words For Smoke prompts:

  • Tarot
  • Obsessions
  • Owls / Cats
  • Books You’d Pair with OWFS
  • Pink & Blue


Spare & Found Parts prompts:

  • Find Parts for a Companion
  • Secrets & Mysteries
  • Found families 
  • Books You’d Pair with SAFP
  • Black & Gold


How to take part

  • Read anything* written by Sarah Maria Griffin. 
  • Use the #Griffskithon hashtag on your blog posts, twitter, or instagram posts. 
  • Tag the hosts – all of us if possible! You can find us both on Twitter and Instagram: @becbentliff, @iambookmad and @northernplunder. 
  • Join us for the Twitter chats to talk positively about the books.


*If you want to just read one article or listen to one podcast, that’s fine!

Finally, we have a giveaway that anyone who takes part in the readathon will be entered into. The winner will receive a choice of one of Sarah’s books, the option for us to annotate it, a wordfury zine bundle, and 2 different Mo stickers.


Other Read-a-thons
We’re aware that other read-a-thons are happening throughout May, which we’d also encourage taking part in.

These include:
Asian Readathon
The Heart Forger Readathon
The Royal Readathon

It’s due to this we’ve added in the backlog of Sarah’s work which includes her online articles and podcasts, as these are shorter. That way you can still join us if you’ve already read Smoke & Spare or without ignoring the other great things happening in the book world.

The three of us are so excited to be organising this readathon and hope we’ll bring lots of new fans to an author who means so much to us!



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