Another month, another list of amazing book releases! So far my bank account isn’t crying too much as I’ve got myself down to my local library but I still need to own all these amazing books, especially with these beautiful covers. So because I want your TBRs to grow as much as mine, here are some of my most anticipated YA releases for March (in order of release!). As always, if you want to check out my (long) list of books being released during 2020 with LGBTQ+ characters, check it out here so I don’t repeat books!


45872054._SY475_The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu
Release Date: March 3rd

Being a fan of The Young Elites series, it’s no surprise that Marie Lu’s new book is on my radar – not only because I love her work but because this is a retelling of Mozart’s story! In this YA fantasy/historical fiction, we follow the story of Nannerl Mozart who despite being a gifted musician, struggles with being an aspiring composer in 18th century Europe. Being a women, her father has made it clear that as soon as she’s of age, she will marry and stop this foolish dream. However, it isn’t long before her younger brother, Wolfgang shows the same musical prowess – one that he is free to pursue. But when a mysterious stranger appears and offers Nannerl the power to make her dreams come true, will she accept knowing it will change everything?



Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco45184250
Release Date: March 3rd

Despite not having read Rin’s previous work yet (it’s not at the top of my TBR), there’s a lot of hype surrounding this upcoming book and it’s got me excited too! We follow the story of Tala Warnock, descendant of a legendary Filipina heroine who’s magic skills leave a lot to be desired. However, due to her family’s ties to the mystical Avalon, it isn’t long before she’s tasked with guarding it from a prince who intends to use the kingdom’s magic. Add to the mix a firebird, the powerful but reportedly dead, Snow White and a dangerous spelltech, Tala soon realises her life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.



If These Wings Could Fly by Kyrie McCauley46139146
Release Date: March 3rd

I didn’t know too much about this book until I started doing research for this list but not only was I drawn to the cover, but it is also marketed for fans of Laurie Halse Anderson and Mindy McGinnis, so sign my the hell up. This YA contemporary follows the story of Leighton who is seemingly unaffected by the tens of thousands of birds crowing her town in Pennsylvania, her main concern is living in a house with a father who gets angry a lot. With college on the horizon, Leighton must make the choice between leaving her abusive dad but risking her sister or moving away from it all – it also doesn’t help that she has fallen for classmate, Liam. TWs for domestic abuse.



Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann45892741._SY475_
Release Date: March 5th

This YA novel written in verse tells the story of Amber, a girl who only feels free when she is running, especially running away from a claustrophobic home and a dad who wants her to pursue an arranged marriage. Amber soon realises she only way she can get what she wants – and the freedom she craves – is my rebelling and starting her own inner revolution. TWs for emotional and physical abuse and alcoholism. 




47191825._SY475_Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury
Release Date: March 5th

I don’t know too much about this book, it remains a somewhat intriguing mystery both on Goodreads and Melinda’s website. However, from what I do know, this is a fantasy novel described as both unsettling and beautiful. It follows Alva whose mother’s fate is known by everybody around her despite it happening years ago. But when dark forces rise in Alva’s home, Ormscaula, she soon realises she must face a very different future to what she thought – as well as confronting her past.




Bone Crier’s Moon by Kathryn Purdie34916578._SY475_
Release Date: March 10th

This book immediately went onto my radar when Becky received and read an early copy herself (spoiler alert: she loved it!) As the start in a series, this YA fantasy follows people known as Bone Criers who have the ability to keep the dead away from the living by transporting their spirits to the Underworld. But this comes with a cost – the Bone Crier must make a vow of dedication. Ailesse is prepared to become the matriarch of Bone Criers but first she must do one thing – kill the boy she loves. Check out Becky’s review here.




38326343._SY475_Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Release Date: March 10th

Although I am yet to read Akemi’s previous books (I know I know, this year I promise) I’m still very excited for her next release. In this YA contemporary, Harley Milano has always dreamed of being a trapeze artist, especially considering her parent’s run a famous circus in Las Vegas. However, when her parents reveal they want her to go to school instead, Harley runs away to join a rival travelling circus. Now in a world full of competition, beauty and hard work – Harley must come to terms with truths about her family and her past.




When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk45144784
Release Date: March 10th

This YA contemporary is an emotional story about self-forgiveness, new beginnings and the courage that comes with opening yourself up to love. We follow the story of Cleo and Layla in alternate timelines and how their friendship ended twenty-seven days previously. Cleo aims to completely forget her former best friend but soon realises that’s going to be a lot more difficult than she originally thought – especially when she’s assigned as Layla’s tutor. Despite new friendships and a new crush, the girls soon realise their past will come back to haunt them.




42635091The Seven Endless Forests by April Genevieve Tucholke
Release Date: March 31st

This book is a standalone fantasy companion to The Boneless Mercies but I believe it can be read without having read the prequel. Marketed as a ‘blood-hungry retelling of the King Arthur legend’ is enough to grab my attention and is for fans of Laini Taylor and Naomi Novik. Our MC, Torvi is sent on an emotional journey after her sister is stolen away by a wolf-priest who leads a pack of starving girls. So after teaming up with a band of roaming artists, she sets out to rescue her with the help of a mythical sword. Full of magic and mythology, this is definitely going straight on my TBR.


What book are you excited for in March?
Lots of Love,


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