9 Books For the Winter/Christmas Season


Before we begin, the Two Book Thieves are now the Two and a Half Book Thieves as my wonderful co-blogger, Becky welcomed little Maisie into the world! (x) So whilst Becky is enjoying her mini-me, I’ve decided to write up a little post featuring some books with the wintery, Christmassey vibes. This was actually harder than expected however, I hope you find something you like the look of!



The Bear and the Nightingale
by Katherine Arden

This fairytale-esque series set in 14th century Russia is perfect to read during the winter months. Everything from the snowy cover to the snowy atmosphere as soon as the book starts just fits perfectly and will make you want to cosy up with a blanket and get lost in the story of Vasilisa and her adventures. Plus Becky would have killed me if I hadn’t included this.





The Snow Child33597976._SY475_
by Eowyn Ivey

Although I have yet to read this one, it’s been on my radar for a while and I couldn’t not include it in this list. Set in 1920s Alaska, this story follows Jack and Mabel, an older childless couple who are struggling in their grief after a previous miscarriage. However, one night, they decide to build a child out of snow. Filled with fairytale-esque writing and influences from folktales, it’s the perfect atmospheric read for winter.





33843251._SY475_The Afterlife of Holly Chase
by Cynthia Hand

This is a book that I’ve got on my TBR for this month as I’ve read a lot of good things about it. It’s a YA retelling of The Christmas Carol and we follow Holly, who was visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve five years ago who tried to convince her to change her selfish ways. However, she didn’t listen to them and now she’s dead. Now frozen at seventeen, she must exist in the afterlife watching her family and friends go on without her. But is she going to be able to redeem herself?





One Day in December 38255337
by Josie Silver

We all need a bit of cute over Christmas and this is perfect for that. This romance follows the story of Laurie who doesn’t believe in true love… that is until she sets eyes on a man through a bus window and she knows he’s the one. However, not knowing anything about him, not even his name is proving difficult so Laurie sets on a mission to search every bus stop in London until she sees him again. What follows is two people, ten chances and an unforgettable love story.




Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas
by Adam Kay

After screaming about Adam’s first book for about twenty years, I screamed about this one when I saw it even though it’s very small. In this memoir, Adam shares 25 tales with us about being a junior doctor during the festive period. Both hilarious and a poignant reminder of the sacrifices of NHS staff, especially over Christmas, this book would be the perfect stocking filler. And it goes without saying, I highly recommend Adam’s first book. This Is Going To Hurt.





Sherlock Holmes & the Christmas Demon 44667139._SY475_
by James Lovegrove

Being a lifelong Sherlock fan, I’m always a bit cautious about the newer stories written by different people. However, other Sherlock fans have spoken highly of this edition. And the best part? It’s a Christmas version. We follow Holmes & Watson who are visited by Eve Allerthorpe, the eldest daughter of a Yorkshire dynasty who believes she is being haunted by a demonic Christmas spirit. Together, Sherlock and John travel to her family home to uncover the truth. Is it a spirit or something closer to home?




The Chaos of Standing Still
by Jessica Brody

This YA contemporary is perfect for fans of both cosy, Christmas reads and some romance. We follow the story of Ryn, struggling with the loss of her best friend and the unread message she left on her phone over a year ago. However, upon finding herself stranded in an airport on New Year’s Eve, Ryn realises she can’t keep running from her past and everything changes when she meets Xander. What ensues is a night full of adventure, truth and even hidden conspiracies.





If the Fates Allow35993818._SY475_
by Annie Harper

Happy I was able to find a festive book, albeit an anthology, featuring LGBTQ+ characters! This one features a collection of romantic stories and explores the magic of the festive season. In the story, Shelved, librarian Karina aims to set up a lonely customer with her uncle. In True North, Shay returns to her hometown and even though the weather traps them in the town, Shay runs into her old crush, Milla. And in Gracious Living… Marcus is determined to have the perfect first Christmas with his new boyfriend.




Love, Secret Santa
by S.A. Domingo

This YA contemporary is very cute sounding and definitely one I want to pick up this month. Angel Green isn’t in the festive mood – not with needing to study and organising the school’s charity fundraiser. On top of that, despite being very cute, her fundraiser partner, Caspar is the epitome of unreliable. However, Angel has a Secret Santa who keeps sending her amazing gifts and she’s desperate to find out who it is.


Have you got any other festive recommendations?
Lots of Love,

4 thoughts on “9 Books For the Winter/Christmas Season

  1. One Day in December was so gut-wrenching. I especially enjoyed reading the female friendship side of the book, even though that hurt, too. Haha


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