WWW Wednesday | August 2019

This is a tag hosted by Taking on a World of Words and is one I used to do a lot so I thought I’d bring it back this week! The rules are to simply answer three questions about your current books and to keep a little tab on what you’re reading next. As I’m currently taking part in my N.E.W.T’s and have an exciting little TBR next month, I’m excited to do some more of these.


boobI’m reading this book for one of my N.E.W.T’s prompts and it’s a book recommended by Becky herself. This was one of her favourite books of last year and now I’ve almost finished, I can see why. This has everything I love in a book – diverse and interesting girls, small town setting and a dark threat hanging over the entire world. There is also bisexual and asexual rep that I’m so happy about.

meat market
This is for another prompt but it’s been on my radar for a long time after I really enjoyed Juno’s last book, Clean. This book follows the dark side of the fashion industry when Jana is scouted by a modelling agent at a theme park. She enters into the world blindly and it’s clear that the world of fashion isn’t everything it seems to be on the outside. This book deals with sexual assault so trigger warnings for that as well as eating disorders. Juno tackles serious issues but there were also the humour that is a staple of the books. Would definitely recommend this one!

kill bird
Yes, another book for the readathon but a book I have actually read in the past. However, I don’t feel like I fully appreciated it and read it just because it’s one of those books you feel like you need to read. This time I’m hoping to delve deeper into the world and find out why it is considered a classic. I love this little edition I have and will hopefully learn how to annotate!

What are you currently reading?
Lots of Love,

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