Magical Readathon – N.E.W.T’s 2019

Untitled_Panorama1So after completing and loving the Reading Rush last month, I definitely wanted to do another readathon this month as it really is the best motivation. I asked around to see which ones were being hosted and I was recommended the Magical Readathon hosted by Book Roast. This is a really complex readathon inspired by Harry Potter and it’s clear how much work has been put into it. However, I hit a slight snag when I found out that I should have first completed my O.W.L’s in April. Even though I’m usually a stickler for rules, I’ve decided to swap them around and sit my N.E.W.T’s first. I’ve also picked the Librarian career to aim towards so here are the books I’ll be reading in August in order to get my qualifications.




A: Ehwaz (partnership) – Read Recommended By a Friend
So of course I picked Becky to recommend me a book for this challenge. One of her favourite books of last year was Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand and despite having a copy, I still haven’t got around to it. This follows the story of Marion, Zoey and Val – the new girl, the pariah and the queen bee. Their stories come together in this young adult fantasy horror and I’m excited to read a book about some complicated diverse girls.




E: Book Written in Past Tense
This was probably the hardest prompt to find a book for purely because it’s hard to tell what books are written in past tense until you actually pick them up. However, after a bit of googling, I found out that To Kill a Mockingbird fits the prompt. I read this book many years ago but I can’t remember it much and I’ve wanted to reread it for the longest time. I have a cute little paperback edition and I’m excited that I’m managing to fit a classic into my TBR.





O: Book that has been on your TBR for ages
So although this isn’t an old release, I’ve had this book on my Goodreads before and since it came out and I still haven’t got around to it despite the raving reviews it got. The story follows Mia Warren, an artist and single mother who moves to Shaker Heights with her teenage daughter, Pearl. The placid, progressive suburb in Cleveland is picture perfect and it isn’t long before the mother and daughter duo become the talk of the town. I’m excited to get into this adult contemporary that features all the secrets that come with small towns.



A: Book that’s black under the dust jacket
So for this readathon, I’m only choosing books that are already on my shelf seeing as I’m on a buying ban. So Marie Lu’s Batman: Nightwalker has been on my TBR for a long time and I’m excited to get around to it. I have the beautiful hardback edition that is of course, black under the dust jacket. This story follows eighteen year old, Bruce Wayne as he’s sentenced to community service in Gotham’s asylum. It is there he meets Madeleine who has ties to the Nightwalker gang, a bunch of criminals terrorising Gotham City. I know quite a few people enjoyed this book so I’m excited to get into it.



E: Gilderoy’s Memory Charm– book that you remembered just now from your TBR
This book has been on my radar for a while since I loved Juno’s previous book, Clean. Plus I heard the word ‘meat’ on tv whilst I was planning my TBR so. This is a look into the dark side of the fashion industry when we follow Jana as she’s scouted by a modelling agency. She enters blindly into the world, now being praised for her androgynous looks when they’ve always been a source of hate. I know Juno writes about serious topics but her characters are always fully fleshed out and usually hilarious so this is a must-read for me.



27969081A: Read a fantasy
I have a few fantasy books on my TBR at the moment but they’re all the size of small children (The Poppy War and Priory of the Orange Tree) so I decided to find an old, smaller one. I finally settled on Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova. This book follows the story of Alex, a powerful witch known as a bruja. However, there’s one problem, she hates magic. So at her Deathday celebration, Alex casts a spell to rid her of her powers. But it backfires and her own family vanishes into thin air. I believe there are also a lot of LGBTQ+ characters so that, as well as magic, has got me excited to finally get to this one.


E: Read a book that includes a map40512862._SY475_

I had to raid my bookshelves to complete this prompt, especially fantasy seeing as that is where you usually find maps. It wasn’t long until I came across City of Ghosts by V.E. Schwab. This has been on my shelf since release and although I don’t usually read middle grade, Victoria is one of my favourite authors. This follows the story of Cassidy, daughter of a ghost-hunting duo who can actually see ghosts herself… and her best friend happens to be one too. When the family have to move to Edinburgh to film a tv show, Cassidy finds herself in a city full of ghosts.. and fish and chips.


So that’s my TBR. Are you taking part in the readathon? If so, what career are you working towards?
You can find the announcement video here with all the resources in the description box!

Lots of Love,

10 thoughts on “Magical Readathon – N.E.W.T’s 2019

  1. The ‘black under the dust jacket’ one was so hard! I had to do that prompt too, I’m aiming for Hogwarts Professor (specialism: Divination). I’m about half-way through my reads already so hoping to tick off some extra prompts! Have fun and good luck!


      1. I searched my shelves and found Whistle in the Dark! It’s black with birds in gold foiling under the dust jacket. Thanks!


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