#UKYABA2019 // Boosting UKYA Bloggers: Posts About Blogging

Hi guys!
Today as part of UKYABA’s series of challenges in the run up to this years awards, I’m sharing some of my favourite posts from bloggers on the topic of one big thing we have in common – blogging!

I’ve decided to share quite a mix of posts on the theme – some of these are tips for setting up and running your blog, some for questions that book bloggers come across (such as how to request an ARC) and some more chat style posts and tags.

Amy @ amyjanealice – Blogging Tips: How I Manage My Book Blog

Having been to YALC and other events with Amy, I can honestly tell you see is one of the most organised people I know, so I was really excited to hear she was writing a post about how she manages her blog. I’ve definitely learned some new tips from this post!
I also want to point you towards one of her older posts, Ten Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a Book Blogger. I found this post quite a way back in Amy’s archives but I just had to share it as it’s so funny and relatable!

Lauren @ Northern Plunder – Goodreads: Organising Your Shelves

This is another older post which Lauren directed me to, and isn’t directly about blogging but is about a tool that can be incredibly helpful to bloggers: Goodreads. I’ve always struggled to keep my Goodreads account up to date and organised, and after reading this post I’ll definitely be using some of Lauren’s ideas and tips.

Becky @ Uptown Oracle – Blogging 101: Comparing Yourself

Becky has so many helpful blogging related posts in her Blogging 101 series which I’d highly recommend, but I particularly loved the above post about how we compare ourselves to other bloggers. I think with book blogging becoming so big, this is bound to happen (and I’m definitely guilty of doing it myself), so Becky has shared some top tips to avoid making these comparisons!

Beth @ BooksNest – Book Blogging Myths Debunked

Beth is another blogger who posts so many great posts all about blogging, and her post about book blogging myths was definitely one I found relatable. I think when we start out blogging we have so many expectations, and again, can often compare ourselves to others who we may believe get more opportunities etc. I think we’ve all found ourselves believing these myths at one time or another!

Jenn @ Jenniely – How to Request ARCs from Publishers

A big question we’ve all definitely asked before (and probably also been asked) is how to get ARCs. Emailing a publisher can seem like a big, daunting task, and it’s scary not knowing what to say or what information you need to include. I remember being terrified when I first requested an ARC as surely I wasn’t a good enough blogger, but I took the jump and am now more than comfortable emailing publishers (I also got that first ARC!). Jenn’s post is super helpful and goes into a lot of detail on requesting ARCs and what publishers really want to know before sending you one.

Sarah & Sophie @ The Little Contemporary Corner – Dealing With Blog Discouragement

Sarah & Sophie have quite a few chatty posts all about blogging that really drew me in as they’re so open and honest, but I decided to share the above post about blog discouragement as it’s definitely something we can all experience at some point in our time blogging. There are some more blogging tips in here too; overall, a very relatable post!

Sarah @ Book Hooked Nook – The Book Community Made Me Buy It

A bit of a different post to the previous few, however one that I knew I wanted to feature! I think it’s so important sometimes to remember that books that we champion do influence other people, and I love Sarah’s posts showcasing books that she might not have picked up if it weren’t for the book community.
(Originally a topic posted by book vlogger Boston Book Reader)

Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader via CW @ The Quiet Pond – 9 Book Bloggers Share Their Costs of Book Blogging – Part II

Although CW is not a UKYA blogger, I wanted to share this post of theirs which includes a section from UKYA blogger Haley talking about the cost of book blogging (however, I’d definitely recommend checking out the entries from the other bloggers included as well as the other parts to this series!). It’s not something we like to talk about, but book blogging does incur costs, whether we’d have been spending that money on the same things before becoming a blogger or not. Definitely a very interesting post with a real insight into those hidden blogging costs you might have forgotten about!

Ash @ AshleighBekkah / For the Love of Books – 5 Tips For New Book Bloggers

I’m finishing up this list with another post in UKYABA’s set of challenges – Ash’s recent post full of tips for new book bloggers. Whether it was weeks, months or years ago, we’ve all been in the position of just starting out with our blog, having no clue what to do and often not feeling comfortable asking, and posts like this are so helpful!

That’s a wrap! I hope you’ve been able to find some helpful and relatable posts from what I’ve shared, wherever you are in your blogging journey. Do feel free to share any of your own posts about blogging or posts by others that I haven’t shared here in the comments!



14 thoughts on “#UKYABA2019 // Boosting UKYA Bloggers: Posts About Blogging

  1. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve had a great time hopping around to all of these links. Especially the one about not comparing yourself to other bloggers! ❤


  2. Some fantastic posts here, am honoured to be featured among some fab bloggers, thank you 😊 Amy’s 10 Things they don’t tell you about being a book blogger was so relatable 😂


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